Make waves sing

oQo is a soothing puzzle platformer.

Create various waves and ride them, move from one to another as they blossom and vanish.

Draw ephemeral and hypnotic paths and let the world's appeasing music carry you along your spiritual quest.
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oQo is being made by Lance and 3-50, three guys in Toulouse, France.
Maxime (programming) and Florent (art and LD) met Grhyll (sound and marketing) at the Global Game Jam 2017, where they created the first prototype of oQo. Maxime and Florent are behind the studio Lance, and Grhyll runs the studio 3-50 (Red Skies) by night and works at the Game Bakers (Furi, Combo Crew, Squids) as a programmer during the day.
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